3 Ways to Prepare for Your Apartment Tour

You’ve been searching for a new apartment in Philadelphia for a few weeks. Now you’ve pared down your list to the top contenders. The next move is to take a tour of each property.

Wait! You’re not ready to take a tour just yet.

Before you contact the leasing agent to schedule an apartment tour, there are three things you should do to prepare for your visit.


Take a Video Apartment Tour

Most apartment community websites feature a photo gallery of their various floor plans. While stills are a nice way to get a general idea of an apartment, they do not provide as much detail as a video.

Apartment websites that offer a video or virtual tour are extremely helpful when it comes to finalizing your list of potential new homes. Viewing a video or virtual tour allows you to really explore the space. You get a better understanding of the apartment’s layout and the available space in each room. Plus, a video apartment tour allows you to picture yourself in each space.

To demonstrate the insight that video tours offer, we invite you to take a virtual tour of our various Philadelphia properties:

Review The Apartment Amenities

In-unit and community amenities differ from apartment to apartment. While one apartment may offer ample closet space and a contemporary kitchen with multiple appliances, another apartment may have a balcony and new remote workspace.

To help determine which apartments you should consider touring, we recommend creating a “Must Have” list. This list includes all of the essential amenities you need for your apartment.

After you create your list, crosscheck it with the amenities listed on each apartment website. If an apartment lacks too many of your essential amenities, you can then remove it from your list.

When you tour the remaining apartments, keep your “Must Have” list handy so you can refer to it during the tour. Be sure to ask the property manager additional questions about the amenities to help with your decision-making process.

Check Out The Neighborhood

The layout of the apartment looks great in the video tour. Its list of amenities meets the right amount of must-haves. So it’s time to schedule a tour, right?

Not yet. There’s still one more thing to consider before you take a tour: the neighborhood.

Before you show up on-site, it’s important to determine if the location meets your needs:

  • Is it close to your workplace or university?
  • Does the apartment have dedicated parking?
  • Is it close to public transportation or major highways?
  • What are the nearby dining, shopping, and entertainment options?
  • Are there any local parks or recreational facilities in the neighborhood?
  • Where is the closest hospital, urgent care facility or veterinarian located?

Some apartment locations may be perfect if you have a car—although a car is not necessary when living in the city—but not so great if you rely on public transportation. Or it’s surrounded by popular attractions – but 45 minutes away from your workplace.

Before you contact the leasing company, make sure the neighborhood is a good fit for you.

By following these steps above and learning what to ask before renting an apartment, you’ll be better prepared for the in-person tour of your potential new home!

If following these steps has convinced you to take a tour of our Philadelphia apartment communities, we’re ready to guide you! Contact us to schedule a tour today!

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