Is a Loft Apartment Floor Plan Right For You?

When you hear “loft apartment” you probably think “artist space”. That’s because lofts were traditionally associated with artists and musicians for years. While there was a time that these professions preferred loft as their combination living/work/rehearsal space, times have changed.

Now, lofts are a popular apartment choice for professionals of all industries looking for comfortable new homes in city settings.

While loft apartments are highly desirable for many, they may not be the right floor plan choice for others.
To help you decide if this floor plan is right for you, we’ve highlighted some of the key benefits of living in a loft apartment.


Loft Apartments Offer Options

If you’ve lived in apartments that felt cramped and confining or drab and boring, you’ll appreciate the space that lofts offer. With their open floor plans and high ceilings, loft apartments provide a roomy blank slate for you to make the apartment truly yours!

With a loft apartment, you can get creative with your living space. Create a yoga studio that flows effortlessly into a remote work office that leads to a comfortable parlor. Use multipurpose furniture like stackable stools for dining and entertaining and chic padded benches for seating and storage. Incorporate an L-shaped desk to create a comfortable work zone in a space that typically goes unused.

Thanks to the loft’s high ceilings, you won’t have to worry about the size of your bookcases. Plus, the large walls are ideal for displaying framed art or a collection of cherished photos.


Loft Apartments Provide Natural Light

Did a previous apartment lack natural light? That’s one of the most common complaints from apartment dwellers. This lack of natural lighting is even more of a concern if you work or attend school remotely. Since you spend most of your time indoors, you’re not getting as much sunshine as commuters.

Lack of natural light is not an issue with loft apartments. Since many loft apartment communities are former industrial buildings, they feature tall windows that provide plenty of natural light. All of this natural light not only brightens your living space, it also helps reduce energy bills, decreases stress levels, boosts immunity (sunshine is a major source of Vitamin D), increases attention and concentration, and elevates mood.

Plus, natural lighting helps house plants (which can improve indoor air quality and improve mood) thrive!


Loft Apartments Have Great Locations

Perhaps the most important item on your city apartment “must-have” list is a great location. You want your home to not only be comfortable, but you also want it to be convenient as well. Since loft apartment buildings (like Reinhold Residential’s Chocolate Works property in Old City) were originally designed to be businesses, they are typically located in the most desirable neighborhoods.

Loft apartments traditionally provide you with easy access to major employers, esteemed schools and universities, popular attractions, multiple dining choices, and lots of shopping options. In addition to all of those benefits, lofts let you live conveniently close to multiple public transportation options so you can easily travel to other city neighborhoods, the surrounding suburbs, and even areas outside the state.

Loft apartments are an ideal choice if you’re looking for a new home that offers plenty of design ideas, provides plenty of natural light, and is conveniently close to all of the city essentials.

If you’re interested in loft apartments in Philadelphia, Reinhold Residential’s Chocolate Works one-bedroom loft-style apartments are a great choice for you!

To schedule a tour of Chocolate Works or any of our Philadelphia apartment communities, please contact us at your convenience!

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