How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your New Apartment

Looking for a new apartment? While your search may be focused on location and amenities, there’s another major factor you may want to consider: the right floorplan.

Too many times, renters’ ideal apartments do not actually accommodate their furniture or lifestyle needs. Sometimes, this fact is only discovered on move-in day. That’s when it becomes clearly apparent that the couch is too big for the living room. Or there’s no spot for that second dresser in the bedroom. And the kitchen doesn’t have enough cabinet space for all those pots and pans.

Rather than find yourself in a tricky situation on move-in day, it’s best to do some extra research and ask questions to determine which apartment floorplan works best for you.

Enjoy our handy guide on how to choose a floor plan for your lifestyle!

1. Is There Enough Space?

From individuals and roommates to couples and families, the most important thing to consider when choosing a floorplan is the amount of space it offers. All your furniture and belongings need to comfortably fit in your various rooms and spaces. Space for future purchases or additions needs to be considered, too. Plus, storage space may be a consideration if you have large items you do not use every day or lots of seasonal decorations.

Start your research by looking at the gallery on the property’s website to get a feel for the types of floorplans they offer. Next, schedule a tour of the property. Take a tape measure along with you to make sure that furniture will easily fit in the various spaces. This is very important regardless of the floorplan type. Open floorplans may seem like they have plenty of room, until they’re filled with furniture and possessions. One- and two-bedroom floorplans may offer more square footage, but you want to ensure that furniture fits nicely without sticking out, blocking access to closets, windows, or doors, or making the rooms feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Be sure to ask the property manager lots of questions about their floorplan dimensions and available storage solutions. This will help you determine if the floor plan you’re currently touring will work for you – or if you may have to think about another floorplan option.

2. Choose the Right Kitchen Size

If you love to whip up delicious dishes or entertain guests with your culinary creations, a large kitchen may be a priority. Not only that, if you love to invite friends and family over for dinner, you’ll want to make sure you have enough space for seating.

Before you start your apartment search, take an inventory of your current kitchen accessories (including your always-on-hand ingredients). Make sure that the kitchen space has enough cabinets to accommodate your cooking accessories and counter space for your prep work. And, whether it’s a dedicated dining room or an island with seating, you’ll want to know how many people you can comfortably entertain.

If your culinary skills or interests involve reheating take-out from the night before, then a large kitchen might not be necessary. Look for a floor plan that offers extra space in the areas that better suit your needs.

3. Windows of Opportunity

Maybe the most overlooked feature in a floorplan is the windows. But they’re important for a variety of reasons. Professionals working from home may benefit from lots of natural daylight. Pet owners need to consider large, easily accessible windows so their furry roommates have a nice view of their surroundings and sun beams for sleep. And all windows should be easy to open. While touring your prospective floorplans, consider all these factors for your lifestyle needs.

4. Tub, Shower, or Both?

Before you decide on a floor plan, there’s one more area to consider: the bathroom. More specifically the tub and shower options. For individuals who prefer more space in their bathroom, or who have health or mobility issues, a unit that offers a shower stall-only option may be best. For families with infants or young children, having a shower with a tub may be preferred. Whichever option you prefer or require, make sure your floorplan offers it.  

We hope our quick guide on how to choose a floor plan helped you today. Reinhold Residential’s properties offer various floorplans to accommodate almost every preference or need. From open-concepts to traditional one- and two-bedroom options, we have the most desirable floorplans available to you. Contact us today to arrange a tour of any of our floor plan options. 


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