Studio vs One-Bedroom Apartments: What You Need to Know About Choosing a Floor Plan

“Which apartment should I choose: a studio or a one-bedroom?”


That’s a question that’s puzzled many individuals who are searching for a cozy yet comfortable apartment. If you’re one such apartment seeker currently contemplating which floor plan to select, we’re here to help!

We’ll give you an overview of these two apartment types, compare their differences and help you determine which one is right for you!

What is a Studio Apartment?

Not to be confused with a loft apartment, a studio apartment is similar but different. While they both offer spacious open floor plans, loft apartments are typically larger apartments that are located in repurposed commercial properties.

Studio apartments are compact and cozy options that combine all of the essential rooms (living room, kitchen, and bedroom in one neatly designed self-contained space. Only the bathroom is sectioned off from the larger open space.

What is a One-Bedroom Apartment?

While also more compact in size, one-bedroom apartments are usually offered in two types of layouts. The first option gives every room their own dedicated space. This means the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room all have their own clearly defined space.

The other one-bedroom option is more of an open-concept design with the living space and the kitchen flowing into the living space. The bedroom and bathroom remain separate from the open space.

Differences Between Studio and One-Bedroom Apartments

As you can see by their definitions, studio and one-bedroom apartments’ biggest difference is their layout.

Yet, these two apartment options differ in several key ways:

  • Size: Although both apartments are smaller than two and three-bedroom options, studio apartments offer much less square footage than one-bedroom apartments. However, there are ways to make the most of smaller spaces.
  • Price: While both options are compact and efficient, their price point differs. Any apartment that offers more square footage is going to be more expensive than those with less. One-bedroom apartments in the same neighborhood as studios will typically cost more.
  • Storage: Studio apartments offer an open concept where each space flows naturally into the other. Due to this open floor plan, there are no closets. That being the case, studio apartment dwellers will need to rely on alternative storage options such as wardrobes, benches and ottomans with storage, and under-the-bed drawers or containers. One-bedroom apartments traditionally have two or three closets (one large closet in the bedroom, a linen closet, and possibly a small coat closet).
  • Privacy: Unless you rely on portable dividers or curtains, a studio apartment’s open-concept design does offer much privacy. The only area with a door is the bathroom. However, a one-bedroom apartment offers greater privacy. The bedroom is separate from the other spaces and it also has a door.

Which Compact Apartment Is Right For Me?

So now that you know what makes a studio and one-bedroom similar and different, you may wonder which option is better for you.

That really depends on your unique needs, including a budget, location, amenities, and personal preferences. If you’re looking for an apartment just for you, a studio apartment may be the perfect choice (especially if you’re a full-time student). On the other hand, if you’re a couple looking for a new home, a one-bedroom may offer more privacy if you frequently host guests.

If you’ve made a decision (or are still uncertain), you’ll be happy to know that Reinhold Residential offers both studio and one-bedroom apartments at several of our properties.

If you would like to view our studio and one-bedroom apartments in person, please contact to schedule a tour of our currently available units!

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