How to Entertain in Small Spaces: Making the Most of Your Apartment

“Couldn’t we hang out at your place for a change?”
“I would love to have everyone over. But I live in an apartment.”

That’s a typical conversation many apartment dwellers have with their friends and family. While apartment life is convenient for them in so many ways, it’s quite common for many dwellers to believe that their home is too small for hosting gatherings. That’s the general perception – but it’s not reality.

Though an apartment may not be as big as a house, it’s still the perfect place to entertain friends and family, especially with the appropriate floor plan for your needs. With the following tips, we’ll show you how entertaining in a small space is quite easy!

Organize Your Small Space

Although most renters may think their apartment is too small to accommodate guests, it’s actually quite bigger than they think. However, poor use of space and a lack of organization may give the appearance of a cramped space.

This dilemma can be easily solved by giving your apartment a thorough cleaning. During your cleaning, you can identify possessions, clothing and accessories that you’re no longer using. Then you can gather them up and take them to a local donation center or consignment store. This will free up space and give new life to items that were just taking up valuable space in your apartment.

Next, you can organize your personal possessions using space-saving vertical shelving units, over-the-door storage compartments, hooks, and storage bins that easily (and covertly) slide under beds and dressers. These storage solutions will help free up floor space so apartment dwellers can add extra seating and provide their guests with more room when they visit.

Use Functional Furniture To Maximize Floor Space

Now that more floor space is available, tenants can add extra seating and furniture to comfortably accommodate guests. However, traditional furniture shouldn’t be considered. Instead, furniture that’s functional and/or makes better use of space should be considered.

As we mentioned in a previous article, stackable stools provide extra seating for parties and special events. They’re comfortable, compact, and, best of all, stack on top of each other for easy storage.

Chic storage benches with padded tops not only help hide bulky blankets and other accessories, but they also provide extra seating for guests. Place the bench against a wall, add some pillows and the result is a fashionable (and functional) piece of furniture that accommodates guests and makes brilliant use of apartment space.

Plan & Schedule Entertaining in Your Apartment

The apartment’s been cleared of clutter and extra seating has been provided. Now it’s time to plan the party or. The best piece of advice we can offer for apartment residents is to plan intimate gatherings.

While most apartments are roomy enough to host gatherings, they’re not large enough for parties of 20 or more (to be honest, most homes are not large enough either). To keep things comfortable, we suggest hosting dinner parties, board game or movie nights, and other gatherings of no more than 10 guests.

However, if you want to host an event with a larger guest list, we recommend staggering guests’ arrivals and departures. Creating an event schedule with specific time frames for guests, allows hosts to invite more guests without worrying about running out of room and allows everyone to enjoy the event (without hurting anyone’s feelings by leaving them off of the guest list).

So hosting a party in an apartment is possible. It just takes a bit of cleaning, organizing, and planning to make it all possible.

Reinhold Residential apartments not only offer residents roomy floor plans to comfortably accommodate guests for gatherings, but many also offer wonderful community amenities that are perfect for parties and events. From lovely outdoor spaces like at Chocolate Works and courtyards at Sharples Works to lounges at Packard and event spaces like at the Metropolitan, our community spaces allow residents to host larger social events.

With multiple floor plans, popular amenities, and residential properties in the most desirable locations, Reinhold Residential provides luxury and convenience for every resident.

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