3 Ways Reinhold Residential Supports Healthy Lifestyles

Living your best life in a new apartment goes beyond comfort and convenience. Your new apartment community should also support your healthy lifestyle, too.

Reinhold Residential understands the importance of balancing happiness with healthiness. That’s why our communities offer residents a variety of wellness-themed policies and amenities.

Here are three of the many ways we support healthy lifestyles in our apartment communities!


Enjoy a Smoke-Free Community

Providing you and your neighbors with a smoke-free community is one of the most significant ways we support healthy lifestyles. All Reinhold Residential properties are proudly free from the harmful effects of tobacco products. We strictly prohibit the use of cigars, cigarettes, pipes, and e-cigarettes in every apartment and throughout each respective community.

As smoking and vaping are prohibited in our apartment communities, you’ll never have to smell stale odors wafting through your apartment, be bothered by clouds of smoke when you’re relaxing in our resident lounge, or see unsightly cigarette butts scattered around our grounds.

Not only does our smoke-free policy ensure an odor-free environment and protect your health from exposure to secondhand smoke, but it also reduces the risk of cigarette-related fires at our properties.


Utilize Extra Storage to Clear Your Clutter

Offering you access to extra storage space is another way we help support healthy living in our communities.

All of our properties offer multiple floor plans to accommodate your specific needs. While each floor plan is comfortable and roomy, it’s very easy to fill it up with various accessories. When an apartment becomes cluttered and disorganized, it can be a source of stress.

To help declutter your apartment and minimize stress, we provide you and your neighbors with additional storage space to better organize your accessories. These spaces are perfect for storing those necessities that you don’t use every day.

Instead of filling your closets with luggage, seasonal decorations, camping equipment, and other accessories that take up lots of valuable space, you can temporarily relocate them to your designated storage space.



Take Advantage of Exclusive Exercise Options

Perhaps the most meaningful way we encourage you and your neighbors to stay healthy is to give you exclusive access to first-rate exercise options.

Many of our apartment communities feature state-of-the-art fitness facilities on site. This allows you to exercise at your own pace – and at your own convenience.

For our Center City communities that do not have onsite facilities, we have a supportive solution we think they’ll applaud: All residents can enjoy exclusive access to the largest residential fitness facility in Philadelphia – MetroFit!

Located at The Metropolitan, our Center City apartment community near City Hall, MetroFit not only features a variety of innovative exercise equipment, but also offers Reinhold residents the opportunity to participate in fitness classes, join members-only sports leagues, and attend exclusive social events.

As you can see, Reinhold Residential encourages and supports healthy living at all of our properties.

When you’re searching for smoke-free Philadelphia apartments with fitness centers and other wellness amenities, we hope that you’ll recognize Reinhold Residential’s commitment to healthy living for all of our community members.

To learn more about our apartment communities and wellness amenities, please contact us today!

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