How To Move From The Suburbs To Center City

Life in the suburbs is very different from big city life. Transitioning from laidback communities that require residents to drive everywhere they want to go to bustling cities where you can walk, bike or take a short public transportation ride to your desired destination can be a major adjustment for many.

If you’ve always lived in the serene suburbs and are concerned about adapting to life in a busy setting like Center City Philadelphia, we’re here to help. Below you will find some subtle advice that will help make moving from the suburbs to the city a more pleasant experience for you!

Budget for City Prices

One of the biggest challenges for many first-time city dwellers is the difference between city prices and suburban prices. While some costs remain the same, most things may be a little more expensive in the city. From groceries and gasoline to rent and car insurance, the difference in your everyday expenses may be eye opening – and possibly problematic.

To avoid any financial surprises, be sure to research the cost/price differences between the city and suburbs before you move. Contact your insurance provider for an estimate for the area you’re interested in moving to. Take a trip to that neighborhood and compare the prices at the local shops and stores. With that information in hand, you’ll be able to create a realistic budget to ensure that you can afford city life.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

Remember that feeling you had during the first day of school? You didn’t know where anything was located. Those first few weeks of trying to figure out the best ways to get from home room to the classroom to the gym to the cafeteria were probably stressful and frustrating.

When you move to an unfamiliar city, you’ll experience those same feelings at a much higher level.

To avoid being stressed and overwhelmed, it’s always a good idea to visit the Center City neighborhood where you plan to move several times. Drive around the streets to get familiar with the layout and traffic patterns. Get out of the car and walk around. Figure out how much time you need to drive, walk, bike or ride to work, school, grocery store or favorite restaurant/shop so you’re never late. Once you know the lay of the land, you’ll feel more at home the minute you move to your new Center City apartment.

Seek Advice From Other City Dwellers

Know anybody who currently lives in the city? Maybe a close friend or family member was a former Center City resident? In either case, these folks can be valuable resources when it comes to navigating life in the big city.

These are the folks with the inside information when it comes to things like knowing the best spots to park, the places with amazing pizza, the shops with the best prices, the quickest route to the sports complex, etc.

Having a support system you can rely on for advice and insight will go a long way when moving from suburbs to city.

Choose an Apartment with First-Rate Amenities & Great Location

Perhaps the best piece of advice we can offer is that you chose an apartment that truly fits your new city lifestyle. Location, amenities, and floor plans are all important considerations when selecting your new apartment.

At Reinhold Residential apartments, you’ll enjoy the convenience of living in one of our three Center City locations (Packard Motor Building, Trinity Row, and The Metropolitan), an array of amazing community and in-unit amenities, and access to the best shops, restaurants and venues in this popular Philadelphia neighborhood.

To learn more about our Center City locations or any of our properties, please contact our leasing office for more information.

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