Fitness Center Etiquette in Your Apartment Building

“I need to exercise more?”

That may be the most popular goal people make each year. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a personal promise made on another birthday, getting into shape is something that so many strive to accomplish.

Reinhold Residential residents are one step closer to meeting that goal. Many of our properties feature an on-site fitness center or access to MetroFit, our state-of-the-art fitness facility located at The Metropolitan.

If you’re ready to make the most of your access to these convenient workout facilities, be sure to brush up on the following fitness center etiquette beforehand.

Always Follow The Fitness Center’s Rules & Policies

We want to ensure that every resident has an enjoyable and safe experience when they use our fitness centers. That’s why we encourage everyone to review and follow the guidelines posted in our respective fitness centers.

By following these rules, residents help keep the fitness centers clean, safeguard our equipment and accessories from damage, and reduce the risk of any injuries or accidents. If you’re unfamiliar with our fitness center rules, please reach out to one of our helpful representatives. They’ll be happy to help!

Be Respectful of Other Residents in the Fitness Centers

MetroFit and our other fitness centers are available for you and all Reinhold residents to enjoy at your convenience. While we encourage everyone to make the most of these first-rate community amenities, we ask that everyone be mindful of their neighbors.

Good fitness center etiquette includes keeping music at low volumes, putting accessories back after use, turning machines off, wiping down accessories and equipment, and being mindful about the amount of time spent on certain exercise equipment. These practices help ensure that everyone has a good time all of the time.

Do Not Invite Outside Guests To The Fitness Centers

We’re very proud of our fitness facilities and the joy they bring to our residents. However, these community amenities are available to our residents only. Inviting friends and family who are not residents of one of our properties violates our fitness center policy.

While our fitness centers are roomy and feature multiple machines and accessories, space is limited. If numerous outside guests are filling the floor space and/or using equipment, this prevents our residents from enjoying their amenities. Limiting fitness center access to residents only also helps reduce the risk of injury or accidents.

When everyone practices simple fitness center etiquette, it ensures that every resident can enjoy this fantastic experience without incident.

Ready to join our community and enjoy our fitness centers and other amazing community amenities? If so, please contact our leasing office to learn more about our apartments and properties!

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