Things to Check Out Before Signing a Lease for a Shadyside Pittsburgh Apartment

Looking for a Shadyside Pittsburgh apartment for rent? In the search for your dream home, here are some things to check before you sign that lease.

Water Pressure. Water pressure is an important feature in any home. Check the pressure for both hot and cold. While you’re at it, check the temperature for both hot and cold water. This may prompt the question of if you’ll have access to your hot water heater or if maintenance will need to make adjustments.

Cell Reception. Does your cell phone work in this Shadyside Pittsburgh apartment for rent? Most people no longer bother with landlines, so make sure your sole source of communication is functional in your new potential home.

Commute. Be sure to check out the area during rush hour. Is it impossible to navigate your new neighborhood during peak travel times? How is the commute to your job? The landscape can look quite different at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday compared with 5 p.m. on a Friday.

Windows. Do your windows open? This might seem like a simple question, but in older Shadyside Pittsburgh apartments, some windows may not be as functional as anticipated. Open and close the windows. Make sure they have complete screens and ask if there are any special functions or features you need to know about the windows.

Flush and Fill. Flush the toilets in your new home to evaluate any potential issues. Fill up sinks and tubs to see if they hold water. These might seem like minor things but in the long run, they can become major annoyances.

Electricity. Don’t be afraid to bring a socket tester to any Shadyside Pittsburgh apartment for rent that you’re considering signing a lease for. Make sure the outlets work and that there are enough outlets in each room for your needs. Do the rooms have overhead lighting? If not, are there adequate outlets for lamps and electronics? Additionally, check out how many outlets are three-pronged. Older apartments tend to have two-pronged outlets that may need adapters for modern conveniences.

Long-Term Tenants. Ask if people stay in the rental community or area. Does the property have a high turnover or are people happy to put down roots? This can greatly depend on the area, so take that into consideration. If you have the opportunity, talk to neighbors you meet while you’re in the area. Ask them the best things about the property and their experiences.

The search for a Shadyside Pittsburgh apartment for rent can be extensive but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Asking a few simple questions and evaluating some key things will be incredibly beneficial when it comes to down to signing that lease with confidence.

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