New Year’s Resolutions for the Apartment Dweller

The New Year is almost here! With that news comes discussions of setting New Year’s resolutions. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the closing year, take account of our lives and identify areas that we want to improve. Unfortunately, many folks often abandon their resolutions by the end of February. If you’re thinking of making a New Year’s resolution, we’ve compiled a list of goals that are more obtainable to help you achieve success. 

Here are some of the best resolutions for apartment owners in the new year! 

Meet New People

Even though multiple people live in the same building, many apartment dwellers often find it difficult to become acquainted with their neighbors. We understand that fact. Everyone has their own busy schedules and personal commitments and obligations. Sometimes, the only interaction you may have with your neighbors is a friendly “Hello” as you pass each other in the hallway. However, you can resolve to make a meaningful connection with your neighbors by pledging to meet one new person in your building each month of the new year. And Reinhold Residential can help! 

Using the Cobu app, you can meet and connect with your neighbors by chatting with each other, engaging in common interest groups, inviting each other to social events and gatherings, and making plans to enjoy local shops, restaurants, and attractions. Residents of our Shadyside Commons, The Chocolate Works, The Metropolitan, and Packard Motor Car Building properties are already successfully using Cobu to form friendships and transform their apartments into communities. Now it’s your turn to let Cobu help you connect with your neighbors and set the foundation for new friendships! 

Get Organized

The new year is not only a great time to take stock of your life; it’s also an opportunity to take an inventory of your belongings and organize them, too. Whether you’re rearranging your closet, restructuring your home office, or clearing some of the clutter, the new year is the perfect time to tackle those projects!

Reinhold residents are already one step closer to achieving this resolution thanks to our customizable closets that allow residents to arrange their clothes and shoes in the manner that best suits their specific needs. 

If you’re looking to organize other areas of your apartment, you can find lots of inexpensive and effective storage solutions at Ikea or The Container Store. From bookcases and stackable cube to storage bins and bags, you’ll find the accessories that will not only help you organize your belongings, they’ll also help you stay organized well into the following year, too!  

Create Your Own Green Space

The start of the new year is also the start of wicked winter weather in PA. If your resolution is to beat the winter blues, you can do so by introducing some green into your home. Adding plants, flowers and other greenery to your apartment is a wonderful way to feel better all year long! 

If this sounds like a wonderful idea, but you’re not sure how to get started, we recommend joining a succulent subscription service. Once a month, these services will deliver a new plant to your door along with the required care info to help them thrive in their new home! 

If you enjoy cooking and creating new delicious dishes, you can grow your own herbs in your home. Then the next time you need a dash of this or a pinch of that for your next recipe, you won’t have to worry about running to the grocery store! 

Get Fit

Ok. So this resolution is pretty common. It’s also one of the most common resolutions to be quickly abandoned. It isn’t because folks don’t want to exercise and get fit. It’s because they either lack the time, the access to a fitness center, or both of those things. 

The good news is that Reinhold Residential apartments make it easier for residents to stick with their fitness goals via onsite fitness centers or access to the state-of-the-art MetroFit facility at The Metropolitan

Simplify Your Errands

Running errands like shopping for groceries and household supplies is time-consuming. If your resolution is to regain some of that lost time, you can do so by simplifying your errands. Instead of running to the grocery store or corner shop, you can have your everyday essentials delivered right to your door with The Rounds

This handy service allows you to pick the items you need (including food and beverages, personal care products, and household items), create a list, and set up a schedule to deliver the goods to your home. You’ll never have to worry about running out of your essentials – and you’ll have more time to meet new people, get organized, grow your greenery and work out! 

It’s easier to follow through with your New Year’s resolutions when you choose the right ones! 

If your New Year’s resolution is to find an apartment where you can live your best life, look no further than Reinhold Residential’s properties! Arrange a tour of our amazing apartment communities, simply contact our leasing office today! 


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