Indoor Garden Ideas for Your Apartment

Clean air never goes out of style, which is only one of the reasons plants make such wonderful companions. Taking care of a plant isn’t quite as high-stakes as a pet. Cultivating an indoor garden in your apartment is a beautiful way to add style, improve your mood, and get your creative juices flowing. Whether you already consider yourself to have a green thumb or not, consider these apartment garden ideas for your next project.

Choose the Best Container for Your Plants

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the plants themselves, first consider where you might want to put some leafy roommates. Space is at a premium in an apartment, so finding flat surfaces for plants or terrariums isn’t always easy. Plant stands are a perfect solution, as they can be simple or ornate to suit your aesthetic. They do take up floor space, but they are often compact enough that you can tuck them into a corner or up against a wall in front of a window.

Window boxes are also fantastic if you’re thinking of a small herb garden or some succulents. They’re up off the floor and tucked into their own little beds. If you do have a little bit of counter space, terrariums can look super sharp. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and you can be really artsy in your setup if you want to. Cacti, air plants, and succulents tend to do well in terrariums. If you’re like the many people who have trouble keeping track of when to water, you should consider sub-irrigated planters. They are built with an internal water reservoir and/or a water level indicator. Your plant friends can take a drink whenever they’re thirsty.

Think About Light

Once you’ve assessed where your plants might be able to live, take a look at the kind of light available. A successful indoor garden has a lot to do with the environment, so choose plants that do well in your space. Plentiful information is available online when it comes to houseplants and their light requirements. Test your light to be sure it matches your apartment garden ideas. There are apps available that can help you with this as well.

If your apartment reminds you more of a dungeon than a garden, you’ll want to consider investing in some grow lights. LED grow light bulbs help accelerate plant growth if you don’t have much actual sunlight to offer your leafy friends. Adjustable LED lamps with red and blue can help tabletop plants, and agro plant lights have a blue tint to promote leaf growth. You can even put them into track or recessed lighting fixtures.

Match Your Plant to Your Lifestyle

If you’re not confident about your plant-caretaking abilities, no sweat. There are several plant varieties that are difficult to kill. If you tend to overwater, try something like a Chinese Evergreen. They look beautiful and can still thrive on what might technically be too much water. The Asparagus Fern is another great choice. This plant requires moist soil and has the added benefit of adapting to direct sunlight or dark corners. Then there is the spider plant. Everyone seems to have these guys, and for good reason. They’re easy to care for, and they have a great look to them. They should be watered weekly, but they are super hardy and even produce little baby sprouts that love to be repotted. Soon, you’ll have a spider plant for each room or ready-made gifts for friends and family members!

Select a Hydrating Soil

Next comes soil. Some plants require a specific mix of minerals, but a professional-grade all-purpose potting soil usually works just fine. Many pros will recommend Perlite soil, however, which has volcanic mineral balls mixed in to promote airflow and proper drainage. There is also stuff called self-watering potting mix, which is formulated specifically for sub-irrigated planters. It’s lightweight and wicks moisture to the roots to help plants stay hydrated.

Have Planting Tools On Hand

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need a few accessories. A watering can is a must-have. If you get a cute one, you won’t feel like you have to hide it under the sink, which means you will be less likely to forget to water. Watering globes are something to consider if forgetting to water is a concern. They’re pretty and stick into the soil to help keep plants hydrated in between watering. Just like people, plants do well with a little haircut every now and then. Pruning shears, a small spade, and snips will help you keep your plant looking and feeling like a million bucks.

There you have it! Starting a garden can seem frighteningly experimental, but you may find it’s easier than you expect. Whether this is your first attempt or you 65th, your apartment garden ideas can flourish into reality with just a little bit of thought and time.

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