How To Maximize Your Apartment Bathroom Space

It doesn’t take long to use up every inch of space in your bathroom. The smallest room in any household is also the one that often requires the most products and accessories. 

Still, this doesn’t have to be the norm if you know how to use your apartment’s bathroom space, 

The key to maximizing your bathroom space lies in a few simple storage solutions! 

Turn Your Shower Into A Storage Space 

The shower and bathtub take up the most space in your bathroom. So it’s only fair that they do their share when it comes to offering additional storage space. 

You can free up space in your medicine cabinet and vanity by purchasing a shower caddy. This clever and handy storage solution easily attaches over the shower head to hold your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body washes, facial scrubs, razors, shaving lotions, loofahs, washcloths,  pumice stones, and other toiletries. Most of these caddies have multiple adjustable shelves with various sized compartments to accommodate the different size bottles and containers. 

This simple storage accessory helps clear the clutter from your cabinets and shelves. Best of all, they’re available at most brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers! 

Add Shelving In Overlooked Space 

Hanging shelves in bathrooms is tricky. Pick the wrong spot and you could wind up hitting your head or banging into it. You have to worry about potentially damaging the walls if you incorrectly install them. Plus, you could cause a plumbing emergency if you accidentally drill into a pipe. 

Yet, there is a way you can easily add shelving to your bathroom without damaging your walls or creating a potential maintenance emergency: Over-the-toilet-shelving. Designed to fit over the toilet area, these compact shelving units help maximize your bathroom space by allowing you to store essentials in an area that is rarely utilized. Be sure to measure the area around your bathroom’s toilet to make sure you purchase a Shelving unit that will fit properly. You don’t want to take it out of the box and assemble it only to find out it won’t fit the space. 

Include Your Door In The Storage Plan 

At first glance, your bathroom door doesn’t seem to offer any storage possibilities. However, that’s not the case. Doors are the perfect place to hang extra towels, robes, pajamas, nightgowns or other bathroom or sleep accessories. 


Simply add an over-the-door hook or rack to your bathroom! The epitome of easy-to-install accessories, these over-the-door hooks and racks are a simple way to add an extra bit of storage help to your bathroom. 

Choose The Right Cabinets 

For years, the medicine cabinet and vanity provided enough storage space for most households. Times have changed. Now some bathrooms require extra cabinets to accommodate the influx of new toiletries, skin and hair care products, and other accessories. To maximize the space in your apartment bathroom, you can add a small cabinet that’s designed to fit in an out of the way area: the corner. 

Cabinets that are designed to fit in the corner are a great way to add extra storage to your bathroom without sacrificing precious foot space and comfort. 

Still, you should measure the intended area of the bathroom before purchasing any cabinets to ensure that they will fit properly without any issues. 

Choose Apartments With Plenty Of Space 

Taking the simple steps above to create new storage spaces does a great deal to maximize your bathroom space. 

Yet, if you choose a Reinhold Residential property for your new home, you’ll enjoy plenty of floor space throughout the entire apartment!  

To learn more about the available units in any of our properties, please contact us to schedule a tour! 

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