3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Car to Live in Philadelphia

“Do you need a car in Philadelphia?”

That’s a valid question if you’re not familiar with the city. If you’re interested in relocating to Philadelphia, you may want to know if you should sell your car – or invest in one. While Philly is a large city with numerous neighborhoods, it’s also quite accommodating to residents without a car or anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Here are the top three reasons why you do not need a car to enjoy living in Philadelphia! 

1. Reliable Public Transportation

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), Philadelphia’s public transportation system, can get you anywhere in the city via bus, train, trolley, or subway depending on your neighborhood and destinations. And unlike many other cities, SEPTA’s system is easier to understand and use. 

In addition to allowing residents to travel throughout the city, SEPTA’s buses and regional rail lines provide quick commutes to the surrounding suburbs. Plus, they link up with other hubs (30th Street Station)  and lines (PATCO) that allow for out of state travel. 

2. Numerous Ride-Sharing Options  

If you enjoy the minimalist lifestyle or don’t want to make a major investment in a vehicle, you can also take advantage of the many transportation-sharing options available to city residents.

Car Clubs like ZipCar and Enterprise Car Share and peer-to-peer car sharing rentals like Turo make it easy, convenient and affordable for residents to travel throughout the city, state or out of state – all without the expense of car ownership. Most plans feature a flat monthly fee that covers gas and insurance. 

For residents you prefer to peddle about town, there’s always Indego. Philadelphia’s Official bike-sharing program, Indego lets residents rent traditional bicycles and electric-assist bicycles from over 140 stations throughout the city. Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, this bike share program has membership options (24 hours, monthly and yearly) that suit your specific biking needs. 

3. Highly Walkable Neighborhoods 

Philadelphia is composed of many different neighborhoods (Center City, University City, Olde City, Rittenhouse Square) that are highly walkable. Not only that, each of these neighborhoods hosts its own unique collection of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, banks, hospitals, veterinarians, pharmacies, and the usual everyday essentials. 

And if you don’t ever feel like walking, biking, or sharing, you can always count on your Lyft or Uber app. 

So if you’re wondering if you need a car to live in Philadelphia, the short answer is “No”. Thanks to all of the options above, you can easily travel in and out of town without the need of owning a vehicle. 

If you’re considering relocating to Philadelphia, Reinhold Residential apartments have multiple locations in many of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. With many of our properties conveniently located near major public transportation hubs (Market-Frankford Line, Broad Street Subway, Suburban Station, 30th Street Station), you’ll be able to easily commute to work or school, visit friends and family, or travel to popular attractions.  

To learn more about the many benefits of living at our popular properties, contact our leasing office at your convenience!

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