​​How To Live More Sustainably In Your Apartment

Do you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but don’t know where to start? 

If so, we’re happy to help! 

Below, you’ll discover several great sustainability ideas for apartments that have a positive impact – and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine! 

Avoid Using Plastics 

The first step in living more sustainably is to limit your reliance on plastics. 

Take a look around your household. Count up the number of accessories and products you use that are made of plastic. Now, look at your list and identify areas where glass, wood, stainless steel or ceramic accessories can be used to take their place. 

Replace your plastic food storage containers with a tempered glass option. Empty your plastic soap dispensers into ceramic options that match your kitchen and bathroom colors or themes. Trade in plastic kitchen utensils and accessories for stainless steel, wooden or rubber spatulas, whisks, tongs, ladles, colanders, and turners. 

Taking an inventory of your plastic accessories and replacing them with glass, wood, ceramic  and stainless steel options will go a long way to supporting your sustainability efforts.  

Purchase Reusable Accessories  

Now it’s time to determine how many disposable items you currently use. Much like you did for your plastic use inventory, take a look at your daily routine and make notes of your use of disposable items. 

Is your morning coffee served in a disposable cup? After brushing your teeth, do you rinse with a disposable cup? Is your lunch packed in a plastic storage bag? When you go shopping do you use the plastic bags supplied by the store? When you clean your apartment, do you rely on containers of disposable wipes and scrubbers? 

If you answer “yes” to these types of questions, then it’s time to limit your usage of disposable products and switch to using reusable items. 

Take a reusable stainless steel or ceramic travel mug to the coffee shop with you each morning. Replace your disposable bathroom cups with a small glass. Pack your lunch in a glass or ceramic container. Buy cloth bags to take with you when you go shopping. Clean your apartment with reusable rags and cloths that can be rinsed out or washed. 

Making the move from disposable items to reusable options is another great step toward living more sustainably. 

Repurpose Recyclable And Non-Recyclable Items 

Is your recycle bin filled with empty and rinsed out jars, bottles, cans and plastic containers? That’s great!  Recycling these items is essential for living sustainably. 

Yet, you can also get a little creative with these recyclable items by repurposing them. Fill those empty spaghetti sauce and use them to store bulk ingredients like flour, salt or sugar. Use jam jars for storing fruits and vegetables. Line large cardboard boxes with fabric to create storage boxes with winter coats, blankets and sweaters. Turn other cardboard boxes into forts for your cat. 

This type of repurposing doesn’t have to apply to recyclable materials only. You can also repurpose non-recyclable items too. Use empty milk cartons to store bird seed for your feeders. Turn old plastic bowls or containers into planters.  

Repurposing these items not only promotes sustainability, it also helps you save money by creating new decor or accessories for your lifestyle. 

Grow Your Own Veggies And Spices 

This step toward sustainability helps apartment residents use a space that they often don’t use for maximum effect: the patio or balcony. 

In addition to providing residents with a wonderful place to relax and unwind outside, patios and balconies are also the perfect spot for growing vegetables and spices. Next time you need a tomato for your salad, a pinch of anise for flavoring, or some catnip for your feline friend, you can simply help yourself from your own garden. Growing your own veggies and spices is not only a wonderful way to live more sustainably, it also provides you with a new hobby! 

Practice Sustainability In Your New Apartment 

We hope you enjoyed these sustainability ideas for apartments. They’re very easy to introduce into your daily routine and they’ll have a positive impact on your lifestyle – and your community. 

If you’re ready to live a more sustainable lifestyle in a new home, we hope that you’ll choose Reinhold Residential! Our apartment communities in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are perfect for residents who wish to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule a tour of your preferred apartment community!

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