Benefits Of Apartments With Secure Package Rooms

Preventing deliveries from being damaged, misplaced or stolen is a major concern for many apartment dwellers.  In many cases, their apartment buildings don’t offer adequate room to accommodate their package deliveries. Worse, many of these buildings are accessible to non-residents – which increases the opportunity for missing or damaged deliveries. Yet, many apartment communities are now offering their residents an amenity that puts an end to their package delivery problems. Find out why Philadelphia apartments with secure package rooms are incredibly beneficial to residents! 

1. Secure Package Rooms Help Prevent Theft

One of the biggest concerns that many apartment residents raise regarding package deliveries is the increased chance of theft. Some apartment buildings don’t have secure access to their lobbies or designated mailbox/package delivery areas. Without secure access, anyone can enter the property and steal packages from the residents. This is especially concerning during busy delivery seasons such as the holidays. Secure package rooms offer residents peace of mind. Since only they, the property/maintenance personnel, and the individual mail/package delivery professionals have access to this space, the risk of theft is greatly reduced. 

2. Secure Package Rooms Help Keep Common Areas Clutter-Free

Another drawback of apartment buildings without a secure package room is that the common areas are often cluttered. Many of these buildings have a small area in their lobbies where the residents’ mailboxes are located. This is also the space where delivery drivers and carriers leave the residents’ packages. As these areas have space constraints, it doesn’t take long for them to become crowded with boxes, mailing envelopes, and other packages too large for mailboxes. Whenever residents or visitors enter the building, they have to step over the various packages. This unsafe practice can not only damage the packages, but can also cause injury if a resident or guest trips over a box and falls.

With a secure package room in the building, residents won’t have to worry about dealing with cluttered common areas. These designated areas are located away from high foot-traffic areas. Residents don’t have to worry about damage to their valuable and/or package-related accidents. Plus, these spaces are designed to accommodate packages of all sizes and shapes, so they’re not just scattered haphazardly on the floor. 

3. Secure Package Rooms Accommodate Vacationing Residents

When residents go on vacation, they’re often encouraged to place a hold on all mail and deliveries until they return. While this is a great idea, there are times when residents are only away for a day or two. Yet they may expect a package delivery during their absence.If their apartment building doesn’t have a secure package room, there’s a greater chance that their package could be stolen, moved, or misplaced during their time away. However, if their building has a secure package room, they’ll be able to enjoy their vacation time without worrying about their deliveries. Their packages and mail will be protected from theft or damage and waiting for them to return. 

Enjoy Secure Package Rooms At All Reinhold Residential Properties

It’s plain to see that secure package rooms are a wonderful amenity for apartment residents, property owners, and even mail carriers and delivery professionals. Yet, not every apartment community offers this benefit to its residents. 

Reinhold Residential is pleased to announce that The Metropolitan, Chocolate Works, The Packard Motor Car Building, and all of our Philadelphia apartments feature secure package rooms! To learn more about our residential properties and their amazing amenities, contact us today


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