Preparing for Back to School in Philadelphia

When August rolls around it’s likely the school district for Center City apartments near you is ready to get area kids back to class, even if the rest of us aren’t ready for summer to be over. Back to school in Philadelphia can mean more traffic and longer commutes when everyone returns to a regular schedule. And if you have children of your own, preparing your home for the chaos of back to school can be a challenge as well. From early mornings to meal prep to after-school activities, everyone’s schedule gets more intense when the school year starts up. Here are some tips that can help you survive the first few weeks of the back to school rush in Philadelphia.

1. Extra time. The first rule of back to school is building in extra time for yourself, and your children, in your schedule. The transition from summer freedom to waking up early every day can be tough on kids, so be sure to accommodate for the time it takes to get everyone out the door in the morning. If you’re not sending anyone back to school this fall, build extra time into your commute. Roads and public transit will be congested, and the last thing you want is extra stress during a morning commute. Even though it happens every year, we all seem to forget how challenging the change can be!

2. Organize. The school district for Center City apartments near you is organized for the new year and you should be, too! Organization can save a lot of headache when timing is tight and you’re trying to get everyone out the door. Before the first day of classes, plot out your daily plan. Some things to think about are meal prep, outfit plans, and the like. Will your children be buying lunch? Packing it themselves? What about your meal prep? Are everyone’s favorite outfits clean? Going into the school year organized can make for a smoother transition out of lazy summer days. Charts and lists help!

3. Self-care. Back to school can be stressful, which makes self-care even more important. Focus on taking time to relax and enjoy the last bits of warm weather, even if your kids have already returned to class. Living in Philadelphia means you have lots of options for quick weekend trips to soak up the last bits of summer amidst the bustle of back to school. Take a day trip to the beach or the mountains and let the whole family forget the demands of the season. It’ll make focusing on a new year all the easier.

The school district for Center City apartments near you will work hard to make the transition easier on your children while they’re in class, but it’s up to you to bring it home. When school is back in session in Philadelphia, just try and remember, it won’t last forever!

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