How to Host Thanksgiving Dinner in Your Apartment

Every year Thanksgiving brings around a sense of family and community. If you’ve always been the host of the festivities, or you have always wanted to try hosting your friends and family for a Thanksgiving feast, it may be tough if you find yourself living in an apartment this year. Never fear, as it’s always possible to host Thanksgiving dinner in an apartment—it just takes some creativity to get everyone seated and fed.

Here are some tips to help you get started on your big event this year.

Plan Your Dishes

The first step to any great holiday dinner is planning. Be sure you know exactly what you’ll be making, and make sure you have the ingredients ahead of time. You’ll also want to make sure to clear space in your fridge for all of the prep and ingredients as well, so start your planning a few weeks in advance. Plan to prepare some dishes that don’t require an oven; this can include stove-top recipes as well as food that doesn’t need to be heated at all. Know exactly how many people will fit in your apartment so that you don’t invite too many people, and consider asking each guest to bring a specific dish with them so you’re not left making too much food in a small apartment kitchen. If you’d prefer taking on all the culinary aspects of the night, simply request that your guests bring extra folding chairs instead.

Take-Out Thanksgiving Meals in Philadelphia

If you know you’re simply not able to make enough food for everyone, there are some places that do cater take-out Thanksgiving meals in Philadelphia. Check out Di Bruno Bros.’ dinner packages, which serve six people and come with a large selection of delicious courses, sides, and desserts. Fette Sau is another great choice where you can get just a turkey with gravy or opt for the full spread—enough to serve 10 to 12 people. Vegans and gluten-free vegans can have it all at Miss Rachel’s Pantry, offering entrees such as roasted seitan or maple and sage tempeh, along with gravy and two sides. There are plenty of options for those looking to cater Thanksgiving dinner in an apartment. Hosts will just want to be sure to put their reservations in ahead of time to ensure that enough food is prepared for their guests on the big day.

If hosting Thanksgiving dinner has always been a dream of yours, you can still make your wish come true when living in an apartment. It can be tricky, but it’s not impossible; it just takes some planning, patience, and understanding that you may not have everyone seated at a long and gorgeous dining table. Reinhold Residential wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving filled with good food and friends!

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