3 Places to Volunteer in Philadelphia This Holiday Season

As we approach the end of the year and thoughts of the holidays start to enter our minds, it’s not unusual to think about acts of giving. You may call it the holiday spirit, but whatever it is, generosity tends to reach its peak in the later months of the year. If you live in the City of Brotherly Love and the urge to give strikes you, Reinhold Residential [link to reinholdresidential.com] found several places to volunteer in Philadelphia that will leave you feeling good, having made a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger
There is so much you can do within this organization to help bring an end to hunger. There are opportunities to visit soup kitchens and serve meals to those who would otherwise go without. Or, if you prefer something behind the scenes, they can always use help with administrative work, such as answering the phones and helping others who are looking for information. If you’d rather be on the front lines, so to speak, you can volunteer to attend events that help raise community awareness about the severity of hunger and even help petition for local laws that would bring support where it is needed.

This organization is responsible for helping 90,000 people each and every week, making sure they all have bellies full of food. Bringing food to the table is an action they take on from multiple angles. Whether it’s finding local grocers or farmers who are able to donate still-good food that they would otherwise take off their shelves or solicit monetary/food donations from the community, the number of meals Philabundance delivers is staggering. (In 2017, 25 million pounds of food were distributed!) Want an easy way to help out? Organize a food drive and collect items the organization can then pass along.

Ronald McDonald House
One of the world’s most recognizable fast-food chains is also behind one of the largest charitable organizations, which focuses on providing care for sick children in need. At the Philadelphia branch, volunteer opportunities abound. You can greet visitors at the local house, answer phones, help put together mailings, draft thank you letters to donors, and plenty more.

There’s nothing that quite matches the feeling that comes with helping out those in need. These are just three of the many places to volunteer in Philadelphia. Living in such a sprawling metropolis, there are so many options to give back.
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