​​Apartment Features That Make Your Space Feel Like Home

How can a new apartment feel more like home?

If it offers you an array of amazing amenities and popular features, then you’ll feel more at home than you would at a community that includes the bare minimum. 

Below are just a few of the top apartment features that Reinhold Residential offers to help you feel more at home! 

Private Patios or Balconies 

One amenity that many apartment seekers overlook is one that can actually make them feel more at home: private patios or balconies.Having immediate access to a dedicated outdoor space is so beneficial in so many ways. First, you can enjoy the views. Whether you’re in a city or a suburb, these outdoor spaces let you indulge in the neighborhood scenery. These scenic views also help open up the interior of the apartment and make it seem that much more roomy.

Private patios and balconies also provide you with a space to soak up the sun and breathe some fresh air. They’re also the perfect place to start the day with a cup of coffee, unwind after work with a cocktail, or spend the weekend relaxing with a book, cool tunes or streaming your favorite show on your tablet. These easily accessible outdoor spaces also let you indulge your green thumb. Now you can feel more at home by growing your own herbs to use in your kitchen or just watching your plants growth and thrive.  Best of all, you can decorate these outdoor spaces to complement your interior decor or celebrate the various seasons and holidays! Not every apartment community offers these wonderful outdoor perks. So the ones that do are even more special – and feel more like home! 

In-Unit Washer and Dryer

One of the drawbacks of many apartments are the laundry options. In most apartment communities, you have to cart your clothes down to the basement and hope that the washers and dryers are available – and working properly. Other apartments don’t even have a dedicated laundry facility. That means you have to travel to the nearest laundromat every week to wash your clothes and accessories. 

In either scenario, you’ll have to make sure you have plenty of quarters. Apartment communities that offer in-unit washers and dryers make you feel more at home. These amenities let you do your laundry at your leisure. This allows you to better prioritize your time and maximize your leisure time. Time spent relaxing on your patio, snuggling on the couch with your pets, or creating the perfect dinner in your kitchen is better than blocking out time each week to do your laundry. 

Individual Climate Control 

You can’t truly relax and enjoy your space if the temperature isn’t optimal. Think about it. How can you feel cozy and comfortable in the winter if the indoor temperature is too chilly? On the other hand, it’s hard to have fun in the summer if your apartment is hot and humid. Apartments equipped with individual climate control lets you set the perfect temperature for every season and every time of day. Being able to control the temperature lets you feel more comfortable. And that’s exactly how your home should feel! 

Large Closets 

It’s hard to feel at home if your apartment is cramped and cluttered with your stuff. Unfortunately, many apartment communities often lack suitable storage space. The closets only accommodate about half of your clothes and a few of your linens. Many apartment residents try to solve these problems by buying plastic storage containers and hiding them under the bed. Or they invest in additional cabinets that take up valuable floor space. 

On the other hand, apartments that feature spacious closets provide the room you need to accommodate your clothing, shoes, blankets, towels and other everyday essentials. Now you have more floor space that’s free from clutter and more visually pleasing. And if you have a pet, they have even more room to run, play and relax. This allows you both to feel more at home! 

Reinhold Residential Apartments Feature Desirable Amenities 

With the right features and amenities, you’ll have no problem feeling at home in your new apartment! You just have to find a place that offers these perks. Reinhold Residential’s various properties are delighted to offer these top apartment features and other wonderful amenities to our residents! 

If you’re looking for an apartment that feels just like home, contact our leasing specialists today to schedule your tour of your preferred apartment community!


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