5 Questions to Ask During Your Virtual Apartment Tour

Finding a new place to call home in today’s world looks a little different than it did just a year ago. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many properties are using virtual tours as a first step in helping you find a new apartment. But, since the process may be new to most people, many are left wondering how to take a virtual apartment tour. Simply put, a virtual apartment tour pairs you with a leasing agent who can take you through a potential apartment and answer any questions you may have about it and the apartment community. Just as you would in a “real life” tour, you want to pose important questions that will help you gain more information to make your decision on whether to lease or not.

Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Tour

Here are some questions to ask to make sure your virtual apartment tour is just as thorough as one you’d take in person.

  1. Can I see on-site amenities?
    An apartment community is more than the four walls you call your home. When you go for an in-person tour, you’re typically shown around the entire property and get to take a look at all the on-site amenities offered. Be sure to ask for the same courtesy on a virtual apartment tour. Does this property have a pool? Fitness center? Yoga studio? Ask for the grand tour even if you can’t physically be on site. That way, you’ll get a sense of whether this is the property for you.
  2. How close is the nearest major highway or public transit stop?
    If you’re touring one of Reinhold’s properties, knowing how you’ll get where you’re going is key. During your virtual apartment tour, don’t forget to ask where the closest major highway or public transit stop is. A convenient commute saves time and having easy access to transportation will make life a little less stressful. Also, you may want to know if you should expect any noise relating to transportation. Is there an elevated train line nearby? A major highway in your “backyard”? Be sure to figure out what to expect before you sign that lease.
  3. Can I see the appliances and faucets in action?
    When you’re on an in-person apartment tour, do you turn on faucets to check water pressure? Do you test the appliances to make sure they’re fully functional? Ask the leasing agent during your virtual tour to do the same! It’s just another way that you can do your research without being there physically. Ask them to turn on the shower, flush the toilet, anything you might want to check out for functionality. You can even ask them to get inside the bathtub or shower to determine size!
  4. How is cell coverage?
    You have to know that your cell phone will work in your own apartment. Without being on-site, the only other option is to ask your virtual tour leader what coverage is like for your carrier. Hardly anyone has a landline anymore, so cell service is king! Also, while you’re at it, talk about WiFi coverage and providers, cable recommendations, or any other tech services you may need to ensure they’ll be available to you at this property.
  5. Can you walk me from the front entrance to this apartment?
    Something that may have never crossed your mind was what the walk from the front entrance of the building to your apartment is like. If you were on-site, you’d just know, but since you’re figuring out how to take a virtual apartment tour, add this to the list of questions and requests. Have your leasing agent walk you from the front of the building to your apartment. Are there stairs? Is there an elevator? How long does it take?

Times are different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the apartment of your dreams. Reinhold Residential is offering live virtual tours and self-guided tours, contact our leasing agents and request a tour at any of our properties today.

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