4 Tips for Apartment Move-In Day During COVID-19

Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting yet stressful time. Add in the current pandemic and it might be downright overwhelming. However, a little bit of preparation can save you lots of time and stress while moving during COVID-19.

Move-In Day Checklist

Here are some things to tackle before and on moving day.

  1. Paperless
    One easy way to limit contact with others before and on moving day is to use paperless signing methods. From your lease to your moving company, do everything online and use contactless payment methods if possible.
  2. Moving Company
    Moving companies are considered essential businesses, so no matter what stage of reopening your geographic region is in, you should be able to hire a moving company to help you. However, you’ll want to ask them about their pandemic safety policies. Will all movers be wearing masks and gloves? Will they try to limit contact with you and others as much as possible? What do you need to do to help keep your movers and yourself safe? Most companies will ask that you be completely packed for 24 hours before your scheduled move date to allow enough time for boxes to decontaminate as the virus is thought to live on cardboard for that amount of time. Try to stay socially distant from movers and even give your neighbors a heads up that they’ll be coming and going on moving day so they can stay distanced as well.
  3. Cleaning
    Make sure to disinfect your apartment before and after moving. That means your current apartment needs a good once over before you pack and after the movers have taken your belongings to your new home. Clean and disinfect your new home before they arrive. It’s likely your apartment community has already done so, but just for extra peace of mind, you can give a good disinfecting as well. Once your items arrive, unpack and clean them all again. Make sure to discard the boxes in the appropriate manner and place according to your new home’s rules.
  4. Be Reasonable
    Additional cleaning practices and social distancing rules can make things take more time. So just be reasonable about your expectations when it comes to moving day. Your moving company might take a bit longer than they normally would. It might take you more time to get unpacked and settled than it would under normal circumstances. All of that is OK. The most important thing is to get safely moved into your new home.

Moving during COVID-19 is a new experience, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. A little preplanning and expectation management goes a long way! If you’re considering a move to a new apartment in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or West Chester, PA, Reinhold Residential is offering live virtual tours and self-guided tours, contact our leasing agents and request a tour at one of our apartment properties today.

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