Urban Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Child In The City

Urban living in Philadelphia can be hectic, sure, but the fast-paced lifestyle just means more activities, opportunities, and fun. Children have plenty of things to experience, and you do as well. Use this short guide to find ideal childcare, after school programs, tutors, and child-friendly museums. Tailor Philadelphia to your child’s needs, and rediscover your childhood wonder at all the events and programs the city has to offer!
Child Care
Looking for child care that works with your schedule and your child’s needs? We’ve provided you with useful tools to find high-quality pre-schools and daycare centers in Philadelphia. A great deal of brain development occurs during the first three years of a child’s life as the brain adapts itself to the child’s needs. High-quality child care can support this development, as it can have long-term benefits for children, including increased cognitive abilities, better language development, and peer relations. Child care also helps working parents balance work and family commitments. Two websites are key resources to aid your search for daycares in Philadelphia:

After School:
After-school programs for older children in Philly serve to engage them in meaningful activities where they can bond with peers and establish relationships with mentors.

  • Variety, the Children’s Charity of Greater Philadelphia, uses a caring approach to raise self-esteem in children with physical developmental disabilities through summer and after-school care activities.
  • At Metro Kids, fitness and fun go hand in hand through this center’s daycare, afterschool, and summer programs.
  • After School Activities Partnerships (ASAP) offers chess, debate, and drama groups, as well as a database of additional programs for parents to discover on their own.

Parents can also scout out great tutoring programs in Philadelphia for a school-centric approach. Thumbtack will help you find a credentialed and experienced tutor tailored for your child’s needs. This site regularly updates, reviews, and ranks top Philadelphia tutoring and afterschool programs. Frog Tutoring, Logical Solutions, and TEACH tutoring centres in Philadelphia rank at the top of their list.

Kid-friendly museums gives children the chance discover, learn, play, and move. See their creativity flow at these museums for children in Philly.

  • The Academy of Natural Sciences has great Family Programs where children can spend a Night at the Museum, celebrate their birthdays, take field trips, and play in the Tiny Tots Explorers program.
  • Take a spin on the carousel or play with endless stacks of play kits at the Please Touch Museum, a play heaven for children up to seven years old.
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art offers kid-friendly museum exhibits and events with art classes, field trips, and festivals for children ages three to twelve years old.
  • Let your child’s ambitions soar through at West Chester’s American Helicopter Museum’s student programs, which offer learning and hands-on experience for children of all ages.
  • Looking for a change of scenery? Venture out to Doylestown for the Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle. It provides children the ultimate dream: themed scavenger hunts with friends that will have them running around the entire kid-friendly museum and castle grounds.
  • Don’t extinguish the fun just yet! Last, but not least, the Fireman’s Hall Museum lets kids see relics of old Philly and meet firefighters, true heroes.

City living in Philadelphia lends itself for a fun, creative, and dynamic childhood. With a variety of kid-friendly museums, after-school programs, and daycares, Philly is home to excellent venues, events, and programs to care of your child at any age. Take advantage of these playful and learning-based options, and even play along yourself!document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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