Smart Commuting: Travel Tips for Using Public Transportation Successfully

No need to worry about having a car in Philadelphia, because public transportation can take you anywhere. Whether you’re commuting to work, meeting up with friends for happy hour, exploring the city, or heading to the sports complex to catch a game, Philly’s buses, subway lines, and trains reach every corner of the city. The Regional Rail –the train line– takes commuters from all over the city, to the suburbs, New Jersey and Delaware. SEPTA bus stations, conveniently located adjacent to many of our properties, are also a great way for Philadelphians to get to their destinations. The subway, with its Broad Street and Market-Frankford Lines, runs Broad Street from North to South and Market Street from East to West, respectively. Finally, commuters that need to travel longer distances have the options of taking an Amtrak train from 30th Street Station to more than 500 destinations, or the PATCO line, which makes over 10 stops between Center City and Lindenwold, New Jersey.

With reliable and convenient methods of public transportation, and plenty of stops and stations all throughout the city and within walking distance to our properties, Philly residents can surely get to their destinations, wherever those may be, without emptying their wallets. Enjoy the following tips and make your commute smarter, easier, and a lot more pleasant.

  1. Plan ahead: Know the bus, train or subway schedule ahead of time, so you aren’t forced to wait longer than necessary. A good thing to know is that the subway has extended hours at night during the weekends. Check the schedule for more information.
  2. Be prepared: Have your money, tickets or tokens in hand to give to the driver. This way you won’t fumble with your wallet or purse and you won’t hold up the line. SEPTA even offers weekly and monthly passes, which help you save money in the long run and are easier to pay with – all you have to do is swipe.
  3. Be considerate of others: Do not put your purse, backpack or shopping bag down on the seat next to you. Keep them in your lap, under your arm or between your feet. This ensures safety for your personal belongings, and doesn’t take up a seat someone else might need.
  4. Look around you after every stop: If you see someone who could use your seat more than you (they’re sick, elderly, holding many bags, etc), offer yours if you can. Slide over to the window seat when the bus or train is full, and if someone needs a hand getting up or out of the row, help them in the best way you can.
  5. Respect others: If you are in the company of people you know and are going to talk, do so as quietly as possible. If you have to make a phone call, keep it brief and as quiet as you can. Other commuters don’t need to hear your cell phone conversations.
  6. Sanitize: It’s usually recommended to avoid the common cold by washing your hands, but when that’s not an option, it’s a good idea to keep hand sanitizer with you and use it after you get off your commute.
  7. Make the most of your time: Life can be stressful if you don’t take a few minutes to yourself every day. Use your commuting time to meditate, disconnect from social media, read a book, or listen to music.


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