Preparing Your Apartment Before Going on Vacation

Going on vacation is an exciting time! 

Whether you’re taking a summer road trip or visiting family over the holidays, enjoying some time off to relax, unwind and create new memories is a vital part of life. 

However, it’s important to make sure your apartment is in good shape before you leave for vacation. Not only will this help to keep your home and personal belongings safe and secure, it will also give you greater peace of mind during your trip.

Below, we’ll show you how to prepare your apartment before going on vacation to ensure that your home is just as you left it upon your return.

Let Your Property Manager Know When You’re on Vacation

After your travel plans are in place, the next thing you need to do is inform your property manager of your upcoming vacation. 

Whether you’re going away for a long weekend or a whole week, it’s important to inform your property manager of the dates you’ll be away from home. 

More than just a common courtesy, this vacation prep step lets your property manager know that your apartment is going to be vacant for a few days or longer. With that information in mind, your property management and maintenance teams can keep an eye on your apartment and resolve any issues that might occur while you’re away. 

In addition to letting the property manager know the dates of your departure and return, you may also want to provide them with your contact information and/or the location of your vacation stay. That way, they can easily reach you should an emergency arise. 

Most importantly, if you ask a friend or family member to stop in and check in on your plants or pets, please be sure to provide this information to your property manager, in writing, well in advance of your departure.

Place Your Deliveries and Mail on Hold

The amount of mail you receive can be quite overwhelming on some occasions – especially during the holiday season!

If you plan on being away from your apartment for an extended period, please place a temporary hold on your mail and any special deliveries.  Doing so prevents your mailbox from overflowing and helps ensure that your mail and packages are not stolen or damaged during your absence. 

Placing a temporary hold on your mail is simple. Simply visit the Hold Mail Service Page of the USPS site and follow the instructions. Or you can either stop by your local post office to make the necessary arrangements. 

When you return from your vacation, you can either visit your post office to retrieve your held mail or request that the undelivered mail be added to your next regular mail delivery. 

In addition to placing a hold on your mail, you should also pause or reschedule any regular package deliveries. This is especially important if you have a regular subscription service for any perishables or medical prescriptions. 

Secure Your Home Before You Leave 

If you’ve informed your property manager that you’ll be away, they’ll be sure to keep an eye on your apartment while you’re gone. 

However, make sure you take a few minutes before you leave to double-check that all doors and windows are properly locked. If you live in a ground floor apartment, you may want to close your blinds or curtains for an added measure of security. 

​​By ensuring the security of your apartment, you can relax and enjoy your vacation without worries.

Clean and Empty Your Appliances the Night Before 

There’s nothing worse than coming home from vacation only to be greeted by foul odors from expired, rotten food in the fridge, dirty dishes in the sink and a trash can that’s been sitting in the kitchen all week. 

Avoid these potential problems by cleaning out your refrigerator, emptying your trash cans and removing any open food from your kitchen counter and cabinets before you head out for your vacation fun. 

You’ll not only ensure that your apartment smells pleasant when you return home, you’ll avoid the possibility of attracting insects and pests while you’re gone. 

Adjust Your Thermostat Settings 

There’s no sense running your air conditioner full blast during the height of summer or setting your heater for the 70s during the middle of winter if you’re not going to be home for a few days. 

Before you leave for the airport or the open road, take a moment to set your thermostat to a more suitable temperature. This simple step not only conserves energy it also helps lower your utility bills while you’re away. 

Come Back from Vacation Without Any Issues

Now you know how to prepare your apartment for vacation! 

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your much-needed vacation, keep your apartment safe and secure while you’re away, and ensure that you’ll return home without any issues. 

If you have any additional questions about how to prepare your apartment for vacation and/or Reinhold Residential’s policies regarding resident vacations, please contact our helpful team before you plan your trip! 


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