Philadelphia’s Growing Tech Industry

Philadelphia’s commitment to the tech industry harkens back to a certain famed inventor. Indeed, Ben Franklin would be proud that Philadelphia is on the forefront of the United State’s tech industry, and the city’s influence is only growing. In the past few years, an influx of talented, eager, entrepreneurs, combined with willing investors, and welcoming city officials, have helped Philadelphia develop into one of the most attractive destinations for tech companies in the nation. Inc Magazine ranked Philadelphia as one of the best cities in the United States for tech start-ups.

The greatest testament to Philadelphia’s tech growth is the development of the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center. Currently under construction, the new skyscraper – which, at 59 stories, will be the tallest building in in the United States outside of New York and Chicago – will house companies dedicated to innovated technology, engineering, and software development. Once complete, the Comcast Innovation and Technology center is expected to bring upwards of one thousand tech jobs to Philadelphia, and pump over a billion dollars into Philadelphia’s economy. Comcast, whose stature in the business world lends credibility to the project, is fully committed to invigorating the tech industry in Philadelphia. Comcast plans to occupy over 50% of the building themselves. The rest of the space will be used for start-ups, growing tech companies, and a Four Seasons hotel.

One of the best parts of the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center is its convenience. Located in Center City, steps away from Suburban Station and City Hall, it will bring Philadelphia’s tech industry off the fringes and right into the heart of the city. Reinhold Residential’s properties in Center City provide ideal residences for young professionals and entrepreneurs. Business moves fast these days, and companies grow in the blink of an eye. Reinhold prides itself on providing stability and a sense of home to those who live their lives in the fast lane.

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