Living with Roommates after Living Alone

Many people enjoy the solitude of living on their own, but there may come a time when you need to start living with roommates. Whether it’s due to finances (living with a roommate or two can be far more affordable), or you just become bored and lonely coming home to an empty house every day, living with roommates can be a huge adjustment. We’ve got some tips for making it work if you’re not sure how to proceed with a roommate arrangement.

Must-Have Talks Before Living with Roommates

1. Money Talk

Make sure you discuss upper and lower limits for what you’re willing to spend monthly. Talk about utilities, groceries, and other monthly fees that may come your way, and factor these into your final decision. If one person is to spend more on rent for any reason—such as living in the larger bedroom or preferring to leave the AC on all the time⁠—be sure to cover this in your conversation as well.

2. Discuss Schedules

If you work opposite schedules from your roommates or like staying up all hours of the night, this needs to be something that’s covered before you move in as well. Living with roommates means being conscious of everyone’s sleep and work schedules. This can be especially true if there’s only one shower in the apartment⁠—being ready for work on time might be a struggle the first week or two as everyone adjusts to each other’s schedules. Be sure to communicate with your time needs with your roommates before move-in day.

3. What Can You Share?

You don’t want to find out after the fact that your roommate will freak out if you use their cooking supplies or their laundry detergent. Talk about what belongings are personal and what can be shared so that no one in the apartment harbors any animosity for the duration of the lease.

4. Clean-Up Time

Remember, you’re not on your own anymore, so you can’t leave dirty dishes in the sink for whenever you feel up to cleaning them. It may take some time to bring your self-awareness back to where it was before you lived on your own, but it will help your relationships with your roommates in the long run. Be sure to clean up after yourself, and make sure you don’t leave anything behind that you wouldn’t want your roommates to leave.

Living with roommates goes back to the Golden Rule—treat others how you want to be treated. Your apartment is a place that you want to come home to after each day and be able to relax, so keep communication open between you and your roommates so no one feels uncomfortable or tense while at home. If something irritates you, be sure to chat respectfully about it with the others before it turns into an even more difficult situation.

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