How to Set Up a Functional Work-At-Home Space

Since none of us is sure exactly when things will go back to “normal” after the impact of the recent pandemic, those of us who are working from home should get settled into a routine.

The first step in that routine is creating a functional, work-from-home space. Dedicating a space where you’ll work from home is key in maintaining a good work-life balance. Just as you’d commute into an office, you should have a place in your home where you work. Whether or not you have an entire room in which to create an office doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as you have some space to designate as the spot where you’ll work. Use furniture that you already have when you create your work-from-home setup—that could mean putting a small desk and chair in the corner of your living room or bedroom and maintaining that space as your work-from-home area.

Setting Up a Home Office for Remote Work

Whatever your spatial situation, here are some home workspace ideas to help get you started.

1. Good Equipment
A good desk and chair are crucial in setting up a functional workspace at home. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a ton of space, just that you want a comfortable space where you can work. Bonus points if it’s ergonomic! There are lots of places online where you can find the right kinds of desks and chairs to fit your space for a reasonable cost. As long as your setup is comfortable and makes you feel productive, it works!
2. Light
Try and designate your workspace in an area of your home with lots of natural light. Firstly, it will make it easier to see what you’re working on (assuming there’s no computer screen glare). Secondly, light is a natural mood booster. Everyone wants an office with a window, right? Make the most of your space and try to get as much natural light as possible. If you don’t have a ton of light in your home, bring in enough lighting options to ensure your workspace is well-lit and functional.
3. Organize
Clutter doesn’t make for efficiency in your office or at home. Make sure you have a way to organize your workspace with whatever instruments you need to do your job. Don’t let cords get tangled and become an eyesore. Don’t let papers and notes pile up. Keep everything orderly and tidy for efficiency and peace of mind. After all, you can’t just leave it behind at the end of the day – you’ll be living with your workspace clutter 24/7!
4. Decorate
No matter where you opt to do your work, it shouldn’t be boring. When you’re working from home, you have the unique ability to integrate your very personal style into your workspace. Instead of just decorating your desk or cubicle, you have a lot more space to work with, especially if your workspace is part of an existing room in your home. Feel free to add some decoration to your newly dedicated workspace that integrates it into the rest of the space. Throw pillows and cozy blankets for your chair? Go ahead. Additional pictures of loved ones? Check. Make your new workspace as homey as you want!

Setting up a workspace at home is important during these trying times. Everyone is navigating the unknown, and making sure you feel comfortable and productive in your new space is key.

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