How To Make Your Apartment Smell Good Without Burning Candles

Candles are a multiple purpose addition to any home. 

First of all, they’re a wonderful decoration. Whether you’re accenting your living or dining room with a color that complements your wall color or changing them out to suit the season, they add an eye-catching decorative touch. Candles are also a simple way to add a bit of elegance to your environment. Enjoying a wonderful home cooked meal by candlelight elevates the dining experience. When the lights go out (and you can’t find your battery supply in the dark), candles help illuminate your home until power is restored. Most of all, candles help keep your home smelling fresh. 

While candles are wonderful in so many ways, they also pose a threat to households, especially in apartment communities. 

Burning candles in a home with small children and pets can lead to serious accidents with unfortunate consequences. Forgetting to extinguish a burning candle before leaving your home can have devastating results. This simple act can cause dangerous and destructive fires that can easily spread from one apartment to the next. 

To avoid these unfortunate scenarios, we’ve compiled a list of alternate ways to keep your home smelling fresh – and help keep you and your neighbors safe!

1. Open Your Windows During Nice Weather 

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your apartment smelling fresh is to open your windows whenever you can!

While this isn’t possible every day, you can enjoy this method more often than not. Fall and spring offer more opportunities for longer periods of open window time. 

Although summer and winter weather may make it difficult to keep the windows open, there are still lots of opportunities during these seasons to air out your home. When the temperatures are more cool and comfortable during summer mornings and evenings, give your AC a break. Crack open those windows and enjoy a gentle breeze. 

Mild days do crop up occasionally during the winter. Take advantage of those warmer temps and open the windows. You’ll not only freshen up your home, you’ll help rid your indoor air of cold-causing germs, too! 

2. Stock Up On Scented Sprays

A great way to add a burst of pleasant scents to your home is a quick burst of scented sprays!Available in a variety of scents from numerous name brands, scented sprays help rid your home of stale smells and musty odors. 

Just like candles, these sprays are even available in scents that complement the various seasons and celebrations throughout the year. Create a cozy environment for fall with a pumpkin spice-scented spray. Or, get in the holiday mood with a pine- or cinnamon-scented spray. 

Freshen up your spring with an invigorating floral scent or welcome summer with a misty sea breeze bouquet. 

3. Add A Diffuser To Your Home 

Another flameless way to keep your apartment smelling pleasant is the use of a diffuser. A diffuser is a decorative device that helps essential or fragrance oils spread their aromas throughout your home. Available in a variety of styles, including reed diffusers, nebulizers, water diffusers, and electric diffusers, they’re another alternative to burning candles in your home. 

However, diffusers that use essential oils may not be ideal if your home has pets. Many essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and ylang ylang are toxic to pets. If you do purchase a diffuser, be sure that the oils you use are safe for your cats and dogs before using it. 

4. Bake A Delicious Dessert 

How do you make your room smell good without candles – and enjoy a tasty treat? Bake delicious cakes, pies or cookies! Nothing makes a home feel as comfortable and cozy as the smell of fresh-baked treats – especially during chilly fall and winter days. Not only will this activity fill your home with wonderful aromas, it’ll fill your tummy with comfort food! 

Reinhold Residential Is Here To Help Our Residents 

Even though the warm glow and aromas of burning candles are pleasing, their flames may be hazardous to your apartment community. By choosing one of the alternate options listed above, you’ll help keep your home fresh while protecting you and your neighbors from harm. Sharing helpful information such as this article is just one way Reinhold Residential serves our residents’ best interests. To learn more about our apartment communities and become a resident, contact us today!

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