Home Decor for the New Year

The 2017 New Year brings new resolutions, sure, but even better home decor trends. Expect the earthy vibe to ring in clear with the new year as colors and textured materials will define the world of home decorating. Here are the top home decor trends, popping color palettes, and materials to use coming to a Philadelphia apartment near you. A major aesthetic overhaul awaits your Philadelphia apartment this new year for a refreshed, clean-cut look.

Terracotta: Warm up your apartment with earthy tones that breathe life into any living space.  Pieces with a natural matte finish strike a balance between the classic, rustic appeal and sleek city living. A lighter colored couch works as a neutral base within an interior, but darker-colored shades of terracotta work best with accentuating pots or lamps.


Photo: Camerich


Jewel Tones: Let rich mauve and purple hues tinge these eye-popping accent pieces. A pale violet luxe pillow or a throw pair nicely with cream-colored couches, or boldly place a deep purple armchair to tie together a room. These royal tones command attention and provide a sophisticated ambiance.


Mixed Metallics: Challenge the idea that metals feel cold and look tacky. Textured metals bring an additional level of shine to an interior. Glass tables with a light glimmer, or metallic decorations interspersed throughout will give your apartment a refined air.


Natural Materials: Wicker, wood, and cork provide softer, more forgiving natural textures. What Mother Nature gives, you should return. Buy your pieces from sustainably sourced materials! Unite a room by layering different wood textures for a centered yet aesthetically appealing vibe. Dress an entire wall with light, removable cork tiles for pinning up ideas or family artwork.


Photo: B+C


Repurposed Furniture: Repurposed pieces wrap your apartment with a welcoming, lived-in feel. Give relics a second life in your living room, and prepare for the shower of compliments on your rare and unique collection. Check out different local shops for scouting out repurposed pieces.

Layer textures and fuse colors to elevate your apartment’s look. You can find intriguing pieces with unique colors and quality materials right in Philadelphia to tap into your inner interior decorator. Be it through color palettes, statement pieces, or furniture,  style up your Philadelphia apartment for the new 2017 year!

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