Decorating Ideas for Your Pet-friendly Apartment

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. You get the opportunity to experience a whole different neighborhood from an entirely new perspective. Even the act of moving is an experience in and of itself. You’re able to purge any waste accumulation that we all tend to collect over the years and start fresh. But the one thing that can be most intimidating to many of us is the idea of decorating, particularly when there are furry four-legged companions involved. Fret not! We’re here to share our top tips for bringing some style to your new pet-friendly apartment in Philadelphia.

Movin’ On Up

This is especially true for dog owners, but let’s be honest: Cats can be decor menaces as well. Though it can be harder to keep cats from getting to things, thanks to their proclivity to pouncing up on shelves, if you place your tchotchkes higher up, rather than on low-lying tables, you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding collisions with, say, fast-wagging tails.

Think Before You Couch

Buying new furniture before the big move? Be sure to do your due diligence and don’t just consider the perfect style when you decide on a new couch or chair. You also will need to think about color and fabric choice, not just in terms of preference, but which ones will withstand the onslaught of animal use as well. Choose colors that could minimize the appearance of fur and fabrics that are both durable and washable.

Playtime Corner

Animals are smarter creatures than many of us give them credit for. If you set aside a small corner or nook in your apartment for your pets to play, always keeping their toys or scratching posts there, they will eventually flock to that area when they have some energy and want to unleash. You’ll minimize the chaos in other parts of the apartment and also make your pet feel more at home, having their own space.

Balance the Colors

It may seem strange to suggest coordinating the color of your pet’s gear, but think about it: All of this stuff—their bed, bowls, blankets—are on display all day. Find items that blend well with your home decor and it will all seem less out of place, bringing a little more calm to your new space.

We hope these tips help ease some of the worry that comes with decorating your new pet-friendly apartment in Philadelphia, giving you extra time to worry about other things, like figuring out which new local restaurant to try out first.

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