Do It Yourself: Art and Crafts Projects to Decorate Your Home

With fall right around the corner, you’re going to want to spice up your Philadelphia, West Chester, or Pittsburgh apartment with some new decor. While it might seem a bit daunting, we’ve got just the right tips to help you redecorate on a budget. There’s no need to spend money on overpriced and unoriginal decorations. Jump right into the DIY trend with this list of fun projects to personalize your apartment and make it feel just a little more like you.

Statement pillows are a great way to add a bold piece to your home. They can be as unique and personalized as you’d like, but also really chic and trendy depending on your style. They’re simple and easy to make, too. All you need is canvas drop cloth, masking tape, old pillows, and decorative additions. Brynne Delerson, DIY blogger, uses gold leaf and metal leaf adhesive in her online tutorial. Check out her blog for step-by-step directions and artistic inspiration.

Geode accessory racks are the perfect example of how paying attention to the tiny details can transform a room. It’s simple to assemble and only requires a plank of wood, spray paint, glue, command strips, and some cool stones. Not only is it handy – ideal for hanging necklaces, rings, and keychains – but it doubles as a nice piece of wall art. Check out this blog for directions.

It’s always nice to fill your walls with things that make you feel great. Decorating a home with oversized photos is a foolproof way to liven up your personal space. It’s the perfect way to preserve a memory or turn your hallway into your own personal art gallery. All you’ll need for this DIY project is an extra-large photo, two foam boards, and double-sided tape. Step-by-step directions can be found here.

Mason jar bathroom displays are one of the simplest decorating projects, yet it adds such a sophisticated touch to your bathroom decor. All you need are mason jars and monochromatic bath supplies, like cotton balls, swabs, small sponges, and soaps. For inspiration, check out this attempt by four interior-design students at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University here.

Creating a cascading paper flower garland will be your next favorite DIY project. Dainty yet sophisticated, a cascading paper flower garland will be sure to impress your guests. And not to mention, you’ll be very proud of yourself when it’s all said and done. This craft is also versatile and easy to update for each season or holiday, so your hard work will be appreciated time and time again. For this project you will need leaf and flower prints, a glue gun, twine, needle, and a branch. For a step-by-step tutorial, check out Lia Griffith’s blog here.

Making a message board is a classic, yet timeless decorating project. It’s perfect for keeping track of reminders, to-do’s, memorabilia, and adding a personal touch to your room or kitchen. For this project, you need a wood picture frame, painter’s tape, hard board, drop cloth, chalkboard spray paint, magnetic paint, small paint roller, sandpaper, divided drawer organizer tray, tack cloth, wood glue, clamps, cork tiles, paintbrush, and a small can of paint. A tutorial for assembling the message board can be found here.

Adding these few personalized touches to your Philadelphia, West Chester, or Pittsburgh apartment will give you that extra sense of home each and every time you walk through the door. You’ll have something to showcase to your friends, you’ll have decor to be proud of, and you’ll know you did it on a budget, too. It doesn’t quite get much better than that.


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